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Manage conferences with ease with our digital conference system

Shure DR6032

Receive up to 32 channels of crystal-clear digital audio via infra-red radiation

MXCIC Interpreter Desk

Allows for three outgoing language channels and eight relay channels. ISO 20109 compliant

IS6132 Interpreter Desk

Allows for two outgoing languages, four relay channels, and multiple interlock modules

Shure EX6010

Extension power supply unit to increase capacity for Shure DCS6000/MXC systems

Shure CCU

Digital distribution of floor audio plus thirty-one interpretation channels

Shure DT6032

Modular unit that transmits up to thirty-two channels of crystal clear audio via infra-red

Shure AO6008

Output of eight floor or language channels to DCS infra-red distribution systems, recordings, and web-streaming devices

Shure RA6025

Distributes reliable infra-red digital signals to wireless DR6032 receivers

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