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Conference microphones, or discussion systems, allow smooth and rapid involvement from the delegation at the event.  Any meeting that requires participation from the audience benefits from using a push-to-talk microphone system instead of relying on event staff handing out roaming microphones.  The audio team enjoy the ease of mixing just one channel, or sub - divided group channels, instead of multiple handheld microphones at the same time.

There are a variety of operation modes either that allow delegates to activate the microphones themselves, that give the chairman and technician control, or voice activated mode that removes the need to press the speak button.

Meetings can be run in a stand alone mode, with the use of a simple web interface, or for advanced functionality they can be combined with SW6000, Shure's robust conference management software

Microphones are linked together in a daisy-chain star topology from the control unit by a simple Cat5e cable that delivers two-way audio as well as power to the microphones.  Small configurations can be run off a single line from the control unit, however the system is modular and by integration repeaters into the design, up to 3,800 conference units can be connected in one system giving the capabilities to cater for any size of requirement possible.

Since the microphones are part of the same conference system as the simultaneous interpretation elements, delegates can listen to the interpreters through headphones connected directly to the microphone, reducing the need for more receivers.

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Various models of microphones are available, depending on the funtionality required.  Our standard version, the Shure DC6190P is an industry favourite that combines discreet aestetics with all the neccessary features for conference.  Configurable as both a chairman and delegate unit with speak and funtion buttons, XLR gooseneck, loudspeaker and two channel selectors for interpretation feeds meaning two delegates can share the same microphone whilst listening to different languages.

The Shure DC6990P adds a 3.5" touchscreen and chipcard reader to all the features of the DC6190, meaning it can be used for voting sessions, chairman control, agenda displays and messaging as well as delegate identification via chipcard.

Moving into the Microflex Complete series, the next-generation version of the popular DC6990P comes with an enhanced 4.3" touchscreen for voting, conference information and control, an upgraded NFC card reader for delegate identification and is compatible with the MXC-series gooseneck microphones that implements Shure's CommShield Technology for improved RF filtering and delivers crystal clear audio through the well loved Microflex capsule

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