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DLC Events have been providing simultaneous interpretation services since 1998 and have grown to be the largest rental provider in the Middle East.  We currently hold a vast stock of equipment including over 35 interpretation booths, 4,000 receivers and 2,000 conference microphones.  We have had the pleasure of working on countless high-profile events both within the UAE and abroad, including Singapore, Malta, India, Bangladesh and South Africa to name a few.

We work with the highest calibre of interpreters and can offer teams to work into any language.  The UAE is home to professional interpreters of many language combinations and other options can be brought to the region for a specific event or services can be provided remotely via numerous online remote interpretation platforms 

As leading member of the Shure Conferencing Network, we have access to additional equipment and resources from partners across the globe meaning that no matter where your event takes place, you can be assured of the same quality of service.

Simultaneous interpretation systems have become the norm at international conferences, allowing delegates from a variety of countries to listen to the event proceedings in their native language.

Press conferences can cater to both local and international media outlets, corporate training can be delivered in multiple languages at the same time, and global summits can ensure all participants are able to understand and contribute without the barrier of communication caused by varience in native tongue.


Simultaneous interpretation systems consist of sound isolated cabins containing highly skilled interpreters, a control system including infra-red audio transmission, as well as small portable receivers that allow delegates to listen to their chosen channel via the accompanying headphones.

Audience participation can be offered by adding conference microphones into the system, with the ability to 'push-to-talk' instead of relying on roaming handheld microphones



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