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DLC Events, the largest simultaneous interpretation systems provider in the Middle East; and Interprefy, the world's leading Remote Simultaneous Interpretation platform are official partners in the UAE.

Interprefy has been built from the ground up to deal with multi-lingual events. For the past 5 years, they have been providing remote simultaneous interpreting for in-person events globally, this has helped event organisers remove layers of the cost associated with event interpreting that is no longer necessary. 


In recent months as we all know, in-person events have been cancelled, so there has been an increased demand in services for web meetings and virtual live-streamed conferences. 


The underlying technology, team and process are the same, therefore you can have complete confidence in their ability to deliver projects successfully - as this is exactly what we do best with or without Covid-19 around. 


They have their own proprietary web meeting solution with Interprefy Connect and Interprefy Connect PRO, a feature-rich professional web meeting and event solution with Interpreting Integrated within the interface.


They are also technology agnostic, so if you are already using On24, BlueJeans, Zoom, Microsoft Teams and so on - we can help with making these multi-lingual sessions.

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