DLC stock a vast range of lighting fixtures suitable for use in a variety of settings.

  • Generic fresnels, pars and profiles

  • Architectural wash lights

  • Powerful 7000W searchlights

  • LED wash lights

  • Wireless LED products in a variety of sizes

  • Intelligent moving heads, from compact beam lights to powerful gobo projectors

  • Avolites, High End Systems, and MA Lighting control consoles



With over a quarter of a century worth of experience within the UAE events industry, DLC focused on lighting solutions from their inception in 1993.  Fast-forward to the present day and our inventory is more diverse than ever and perfectly compliments our other business divisions in the conference and communication sectors.

We have kept a careful eye on the wolrd industry and invested wisely in the products with high demand and most potential in order to offer our clients the best possible lighting solutions for any event.


Come and say hello!


We've done our best to maintain and improve our client relationships since the start of the pandemic as a way of putting to good use the extra time we have had available.  Now we are pleased to be welcoming our current and potential clients back to our office for meetings, to see demonstrations, or just for a chat over a coffee!


TETRA radio hires available


For events that require long-range communication, a radio running on TETRA technology can benefit when UHF frequencies are not suitable due to range requirements or environmental restrictions.  We can offer the industry-standard Airbus TH9 handsets to meet any challenge


DLC Events

The Productions Village

Street 22 (opposite Al Quoz Mall)

Al Quoz 3

Dubai, UAE

(+971) 4 347 0484

Wireless microphones for events

For the few events that are allowed to take place, wireless conference microphones allow set ups with added social distancing look as neat as always!  Removable buttons and gooseneck microphones allow sterilization in between hires