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The most reliable wireless discussion system available in the current AV rental market, and exclusively available in the UAE from DLC Events.

The MXCW system can be deployed quickly with up to 125 units in one system.  Suitable for a variety of roles within any style of event venue, the Microflex Complete Wirelss automatically detects and avoids interference to ensure that meetings run uninterrupted.  

Audio runs via Dante digital audio networking or via the analog output from the access point.

Batteries last over 11 hours and can be swapped out in seconds without disturbing the meeting.

  • Perfect for formal meetings in rooms with flexible seating

  • Automatic Frequency Coordination and Interference Detection and Avoidance

  • One multi-role wireless conference unit works for chairman, delegate, ambient mic, listener and remote caller roles

  • Color touchscreen for voting, speaker list, and language selection

  • Integrated NFC ID card reader for participant identification

  • ​Microphones can be controlled by users or by chairman

  • Two-, Three-, or Five-button voting

  • Rechargeable Lithium-Ion battery lasts over 11 hours for all-day meetings

  • Networked charging station charges ten batteries in four hours

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