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Conduct Your Business Anywhere on Earth With State of the Art Conference Equipment

DLC Events provides you with all the digital conferencing equipment you could ever need to run a virtual or in-person conference. Our services are backed by over 25 years in this industry as well as some of the most professional technicians in the field.

When it comes to quality conference equipment, you can’t find better service anywhere in the United Arab Emirates. Our British-owned company knows that the demands on modern technology are changing rapidly. That’s why we stay ahead of the rapidly changing industry standards.

When you work with DLC Events, you are never going to have to deal with outdated technology. Our team is up-to-date on the latest advances in digital and video conferencing and can make sure that your next event has everything that it needs.

So what digital conferencing equipment can you get when you work with DLC Events? Here’s just a sample of what DLC Events can set you up with:

  • Wired and wireless conference microphones

  • Simultaneous interpretation systems including the highest standard of interpreters

  • Automated camera systems

  • Digital namesigns / Electornic nameboards

  • Audience Response Technology / Voting keypads

If you are looking for cutting-edge equipment, you can get everything you need from wireless microphones to walkie talkies and more through DLC Events.

Our expert staff have helped a wide range of organizations with their events. Whether you are looking to schedule an in-person conference or you are responding to our changing world with a digital event, our experts can make sure that you have all the equipment you need.

As the largest conference technology provider in the Middle East, you can count on the conference equipment offered by DLC Events. We are the leading member of the Shure Conferencing Network and stand by our work with a commitment to outstanding conferencing services.

If you are planning on a conference with a GCC country or further afield, even a virtual event, get in touch with their conferencing experts today!

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