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Automated camera positioning systems make perfect sense for events with high numbers of participants who could take the floor at any time.   Roaming cameras may take a long time to locate the speaker and potentially miss the shot all together if it is a brief intervention.  By either replacing these cameras and operators or adding to the set up a camera system consiting of up to 8 remotely operated PTZ cameras, placed in strategic yet discreet positions, it is possible to get a shot of the speaker to the screen in less than a couple of seconds.

The cameras used are discreet enough to be placed in the centre of a circlular, hollow square or U-shape table arrangement without causing a distraction, and light enough to be suspended on truss above the audiences head to get the straightest shot possible without taking up valuable floor space.

The cameras are controlled by a piece of software that takes commands from the Shure discussion system control unit and recalls pre-programed positions as soon as any microphone is activated.

Holding slides can be inserted as a place holder when no microphones are activated for stand alone systems, or the output from the vision mixer can be sent to the main camera mix which gives the operator up to 8 cameras on a single video input, greatly reducing cost of operators and equipment.

Photo 04-11-2019, 10 04 29 AM.jpg

Click above to watch a demonstration on how the system works!

Click above to watch an event showcase from the UNIDO 18th General Conference in 2019

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